BSBA announcement
Canada Games forward planning session at Brock University

Sport Niagara is excited to announce its partnership with Brock University. As a nonprofit organization created as part of the legacy of the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara, Sport Niagara has played a significant role in the local sports scene.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the university’s Brock Sport & Business Association to offer students valuable opportunities, elevate the quality of events and open doors for student volunteering and internships in the Niagara sports community.

What does this mean for Brock University students?

Volunteer Opportunities

Students will gain access to practical experience through volunteer opportunities associated with Sport Niagara events. This hands-on involvement not only enhances students’ practical skills but also provides invaluable real-world experience within the sports industry.

Internship Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to explore potential internships, with Sport Niagara and its sports partners providing information when relevant. These internships can serve as a crucial stepping stone for students looking to gain practical experience and kickstart their career in the field. This is especially important for 4th-year SPMA students looking for internship placement.


This partnership will provide valuable opportunities for students to connect and network with industry professionals through Sport Niagara and its’ partners. This networking opportunity can be instrumental in career development.