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Sport Niagara is a not-for-profit organization established to carry on the sport legacy from the Niagara 2022 Canada Games. As called for by the Legacy Plan for those Games, Sport Niagara will support the attraction and hosting of sport events in Niagara, and promote sport through various programs focused on advancing high-performance and community sport.

The activities of Sport Niagara will be funded in part by the 2022 Canada Games Legacy Fund – a Fund established with the Niagara Community Foundation by the Niagara 2022 Canada Games Host Society with the surplus generated by those Games.

Sport Development

With its tremendous experience, proven track record of success, and credibility within the sport community, the Sport Niagara team can promote sport through programs and support the hosting of sport events through its sport development service hub.

Proud to Support

Community Sport

Logo: Community Sport Councils Ontario

As a member of Community Sport Councils Ontario (CSCO), Sport Niagara joins a growing team of more than 40 community sport councils across Ontario.

The CSCO further advises that the benefits of a community sport council include:

  • A common voice for sport in the community;
  • Improved input for facilities development;
  • Enhanced input and cooperation around facilities programming;
  • Increased opportunities for efficient use of resources;
  • Increased awareness and support between community-based and recreational-based organizations;
  • Growth of a sport community;
  • Increased ability to promote sport at every level of government;
  • Increased credibility at the political level;
  • A place for the sport community to develop consensus solutions and strategies; and
  • A single point of contact for sport in the community for all organizations.

“Sport councils are mechanisms to encourage greater cooperation and collaboration among sports groups. Their development has been encouraged by municipal councils, appointed recreation advisory committees, staff, or tourism authorities to provide a collective voice for sport in a community. They are intended to break down barriers between sports, serve as a liaison on sport issues, and support joint advocacy regarding sport needs.”

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